International Visitors
Find out more information on the following services available to overseas visitors
  • Landscape Design Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Restoration of existing spaces
  • Staff direction and motivation on-site i.e. on-site training
  • Retainer to manage & oversee landscape progression
  • Guest Speaking
  • Landscape Design Training
Brief History

Jo-Anne Hilliar is a professionally trained Landscape Designer. Her business, Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape Design Consultants, (registered as JH Landscaping c.c.) is based in Durban, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa. She is a Principal member of S.A.L.I. (South African Landscaping Institute).

JH Landscaping, established in 1991, offers professional advice to residential and corporate clients throughout South Africa and abroad. Projects encompass small private gardens, large corporate and domestic landscapes and vast park-like expanses on island resorts, in a range of styles including low maintenance, tropical, indigenous, contemporary, Victorian and so on.

From 2005, Jo-Anne will continue to operate on a national level with the business operating out of Durban, South Africa, traveling to wherever her expertise and advice is required. She will concentrate on landscape design consultations, project management and consulting retainers in conjunction to running the school: The Jo-Anne Hilliar School of Landscape Design.

landscape Consultation and Retainer

Consultations are conducted on a very personalized basis whereby Jo-Anne interacts with the client on-site to ascertain exactly what their needs are, analyze and assess the site actualities and make recommendations on design changes and concepts as well as facilitate and oversee the appropriate professional sub-contracting, design & installation back up in order to execute the job effectively.

As a retainer and project manager, Jo-Anne directs her service and expertise to the industry by overseeing the development of installations and directing maintenance teams in the overall development of the site; scheduling site actualities and consultations with clients and contractors to achieve standard specifications; provide assistance and advice with tender documentation as well as negotiating / consulting with all facets of the industry. In this way the industry benefits by having a professional on hand to provide the necessary expertise that they may require.

Should you require expert advice on developing your existing garden or planning a new one, contact Jo-Anne Hilliar who will gladly arrange a consultation for when she is visiting your country. She works closely with clients around the globe, applying the basic principles of garden design to meet individual requirements. For more information on Retainer and Consultation work click here

Contact Details

Telephone: +27 (0) 31 262 4654 or Mobile +27 (0) 82 570 5858
Fax: +27 (0) 31 262 4657
Postal Address:
P.O Box 1487


Speaking Engagements

Jo-Anne has the wonderful ability to capture her audience, discussing garden design in a way that is meaningful to the average home owner and illustrating her talks with interesting slides from her extensive travels. Her years of experience in the landscape design industry provide a treasure trove of knowledge that is relevant to all garden owners, domestic and corporate.

Previous speaking engagements include the opening of Garden Shows, guest speaker at Garden Clubs and other functions on topics such as:

  • Garden Design in the New Millennium
  • Environmentally friendly landscape design
  • Redesign of existing gardens
  • Planting combinations for a night garden
  • Selecting the correct plants for your garden
  • Effective site preparation and garden maintenance
  • Making the most of water features
  • Gardening with grasses
  • Tasks for successful seasonal gardening

Training and Courses

The Jo-Anne Hilliar School of Landscape Design offers a range of intensive landscape design training programmes, designed specifically for the development of the homeowner, garden worker, nursery staff member, or landscaper in the field. These short courses provide creative inspiration and an understanding of landscape design along with the relationship between design, implementation, and the maintenance of gardens. All programmes are personalized and based on experiential learning. Jo-Anne Hilliar facilitates most courses single-handedly; but selected courses have been designed for worldwide adaptation and are run in association with UK-based Professor David Stevens, world –renowned landscape designer

For a more in-depth breakdown of the courses that we offer click here

Two-Day basic Design Course
  • This course aims to develop enthusiastic gardeners in the domestic and corporate market.
  • It is ideal for employees of large companies as well as domestic garden workers. Horticultural divisions can utilise the programme in their own Departments.
  • A hands-on approach is used in teaching the basics of design. The course runs over two days, is fully comprehensive and gives each delegate clear direction to apply in their own situation.


  • To teach basic design principles, using a practical and hands-on approach in applying them in one's own garden.
  • To introduce a positive sense of purpose in the garden to be created, and an understanding of garden styles to be applied.
  • To teach the basics of scale and how to transfer creativity to paper.
  • How to work with plant material and plant combinations in one's own garden, applying design principles learnt.
  • To meet other gardeners, share common problems and ideas, and participate in a programme which is fun, interesting and above all, applicable to one's own environment

Garden Workers Training Course

This course is aimed at garden workers. It is designed to educate them in a practical manner on the principles of gardening and provide the fundamental knowledge required to work effectively in a garden.


  • To provide simple, effective teaching and training in basic garden care and maintenance.
  • To introduce a sense of purpose in the garden by creating an understanding of concepts to be applied.
  • To present basic gardening concepts with clear explanations, providing helpful hints and tips for effective gardening.
  • To meet other gardeners and to participate in a programme which is fun, interesting and above all educational and practical for application in the garden environment.

Three-day International landscape Design Course

This programme is lavishly illustrated with slides and will equip delegates with an understanding of garden design. It teaches the basic principles of design in order to establish an understanding of garden layout and structures as well as how to combine different plants. Included with the course notes is a fully comprehensive plant list with live examples of each plant.


  • To teach surveying, scale and drawing
  • To enable students to determine what they really want
  • To teach invaluable, time saving tricks of the trade
  • To present all topics in an interactive manner

Landscape Design Business Practice Course

The course is aimed at the business owner who would like to learn practical guidelines and operate a professional landscaping business from marketing and sales to project management and financial planning. Aimed at existing and aspirant landscape designers / contractors, this two-day programme covers the business aspect of running a landscape design practice.


  • Bridging the gap between the Landscape Industry and Marketing arena and how they overlap to effectively and successfully implement your Landscape designs.
  • How to build your business with a strong outcomes-based administrative foundation.
  • To teach invaluable, time saving tricks of the trade
  • Effectively dealing with labour and staff relations.
  • Establishing an invaluable communications network, internally and externally.
  • How to effectively and competently implement your Landscape installations.
  • Good landscaping plants for successful combinations.
  • Develop your own business plan strategies.