Design Talks

Jo-Anne has a wonderful ability to capture her audience, discussing garden design in a way that is meaningful to the average South African home owner and illustrating her talks with interesting slide presentations from her extensive travels.

Her years of experience in the landscape design industry provide a treasure trove of knowledge that is relevant to all garden owners, domestic & corporate.

Jo-Anne has often been invited to host talks and seminars to the general public and numerous garden clubs on a national and more recently, on an international level as well.

These talks have covered a wide range of topics on landscape design and associated subjects and have always been well received.

Herewith follows a list of possible topics that Jo-Anne Can talk from; however should you wish for her to speak on a specific theme or subject (obviously gardening related) she will do so with pleasure.

  1. Grouping Plants in the Garden
  2. Features in Design which include large features and garden structures and contemporary features
  3. Creating Night Gardens
  4. Making the most of Water and its Features
  5. Confidence with Containers
  6. The guide to selecting the correct plants for the correct position in relation to the positioning of plants within a space
  7. Design principles applied to South African gardening - a brief overview
  8. Dynamic solutions for garden design dilemmas
  9. Planting combinations for small spaces
  10. Garden design as a lifestyle
  11. Design and Plant combinations for small gardens
  12. Inspiring solutions for small garden spaces
  13. Environmentally friendly landscape design
  14. Design in your garden and inspirational tips
  15. Indigenous plants and their benefits and incorporating them into a free flowing sustainable planting design
  16. Redesigning and existing garden - points to remember
  17. The question of style - Modern or Country?, Formal or Contemporary, and how do we choose style?
  18. Creating access points into the space and how to use them effectively within the design - this will include paving driveways and other hard surfaces
  19. Views into a garden and how to make the most of good views whilst screening and detracting from the bad ones
  20. Pots and micro climates
  21. Propogation - methods and means
  22. Gardening with grasses
  23. Gardening with Birds
  24. The fragrant garden
  25. Garden tasks for successful seasonal gardening
  26. Contemporary Garden Design
  27. Environmentally Friendly Landscape Design
  28. Re-Designing Existing Gardens
  29. Planting Combinations for a Night Garden
  30. Understanding the Basic Principles of Design
  31. Choosing Plants for a Small Space
  32. Bringing Africa to Life in your Landscape
  33. Design as Mother-Nature Intended

Should you require Jo-Anne's presence as guest speaker at an event or function please contact Nikki / Jo-Anne on (031) 262 4654 / 082 447 4824 or e-mail

Readers Days

A more recent addition to Jo-Anne's social calendar are Reader's Days. At the beginning of 2005, Jo-Anne was invited by The Gardener, a national magazine to run a series of Reader's Days at a variety of venues nationally.

So far these special events have enjoyed a tremendous amount of success and great turnout from keen gardener's interested to learn from an expert in the landscaping field.

Jo-Anne speaks during a morning session on a range of landscaping / gardening related talk topics with a tea break roughly half way through.

Guests enjoy an informative morning gaining fresh ideas and new methods that they are easily able to apply in their own garden situation.

For further information on Reader's Days in your area, go to News and Views or contact Nikki on (031) 262 4654 / 082 447 4824.

Feature Articles and Editorials

Over the years, Jo-Anne has contributed to many gardening-related media by way of supplying feature articles or copy and has in return received much media exposure (link to list of media exposure in background).

Having previously worked in close association with Independent on Saturday , and currently in association with The Gardener , S.A Gardening, Landscape S.A and other industry-related publications and supplements, Jo-Anne regularly has her knowledge published and distributed on a national level.

In this way she believes that she is giving back, not only to the media industry that supports her national profile to a large extent but also to individuals who share her passion for gardening and landscaping. Thus through her design school and the training courses that she offers, talks, Reader's Days and the various media, Jo-Anne provides a wealth of expert knowledge and advice to those interested.

Features published include the following:

  • Basic Design Principles Applying to South African Gardening – A Brief Overview: Independent on Saturday 24 June 2000
  • Indigenous Planting – The Benefits and Incorporating this into your Planting Independent on Saturday 30 September 2000
  • 24 part series on Design – Independent on Saturday 2000 - 2001
  • Gardening with Grasses: Independent on Saturday 28 July 2001
  • The fragrant garden: Independent on Saturday 06 October 2001
  • The Question of Style: The Gardener October 2002
  • Pot Luck – Condidence with Containers: The Gardener March 2003
  • New Trends for Spring: The Gardener September 2004
  • Safari DesignEx: The Gardener October 2004
  • Night Gardens:  The Gardener Feature Editorial on Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape November 2004
  • Design Consultants: Sunday Tribune November 2004
  • Feature Editorial on Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape Design Consultants: Landscape S.A January 2005
  • Selecting the Right Plants for your Garden: Caxtons Community Newspapers February 2005
  • Letter from Hillcrest”: S.A Gardening May 2005
  • American Stars of Africa: The Gardener March 2005
  • Design for S.A Landscape: S.A Gardening August 2005
  • Feature editorial on The Jo-Anne Hilliar School of Landscape Design: George Herald October 2005
  • Garden Design for South African Gardens: On the Home Front October 2005                                        
These are just a few of the many that have been published over the years.