Retainer and Installation
Corporate Retainer / Landscape Project Management

Jo-Anne has re-orientated her business to accommodate the needs of the industry and to play a role in the development of landscapes in a mediating capacity between the developers, landscapers, and environmentalists as a whole. Her expertise which has been gathered over 15 years is invaluable in terms of the development of the landscape professionals / contractors and the environmentalists

Jo-Anne's retainer profile is multi-faceted. A contract will dictate an agreement entered into between the client and Jo-Anne Hilliar Landscape Design Consultants as to the necessary amount of time that Jo-Anne would personally spend on-site on a monthly, bi-monthly or purely on a consulting basis.

Her service and expertise in a retainer capacity is directed to the landscaping industry, environmentalists, property developers and already established corporate and private landscapes.

Retainer work involves the following:

  • Overseeing the development of installations and directing maintenance teams in the overall development and nurturing of the site.
  • Scheduling consultations with clients and contractors to achieve standard specifications.
  • Effectively attending to site actualities.
  • Provide assistance with and advice on tender documentation.
  • Negotiating with all facets of the landscaping industry.

  • To assist, guide and provide a mentoring back-up to the on-site staff and horticultural capacity.
  • To provide overall horticultural, maintenance and design advice and guidance in the development and continued well being of the designated site.
  • To initially identify particularly high visual problematic areas and to follow with a systematized approach and guidance to on-site horticultural and contracting staff in the design, horticultural and maintenance advice in achieving the desired end result.
  • To continue to focus on the overall design philosophy of the layout in creating and upholding an aesthetically pleasing landscape and adhering to the design environmental policy and standards, thus creating a self-sustainable approach.
  • To provide measurable monitoring feedback and input on the development, turn- around and re-design (where necessary) of the specific areas as they are worked on over a period of time so that this consulting input becomes a goal directed and motivating factor for all contracting staff, environmentalists and landscaping professionals involved.
  • To provide hands-on, on-site educational advice to achieving a greater understanding of the work ethic, general maintenance and horticultural approach to the upliftment of the end product and the standards to be achieved.
  • With the above goals and objectives in mind, the gardened areas can be assessed in an organized systematic approach thus being goal directed in achieving the required standards over a period of time.
  • As the consulting relationship develops, relationship building, contracting education, monitoring achievable standards and specifications for job execution and tender documentation will be developed to assist in attracting a better quality of horticultural input.


We would be delighted to consult with you at your convenience to share our expertise and provide advice on aspects of your garden. To make an appointment with Jo-Anne please contact Nikki on (031) 262 4654 / 082 447 4824.

Residential Consultations

Consultations are conducted on a personalized basis whereby Jo-Anne will interact with clients' on site to ascertain exactly what their needs and wants are and formulate an achievable balance between the two, often dichotomous, ideas. Additionally time on site is spent analysing and assessing site actualities and making suitable recommendations on design changes and concepts. Facilitating and overseeing the appropriate sub-contracting back-up in order to execute the job effectively is also part-and-parcel of the consultation package.


An initial meeting on-site with the client is essential to the overall success of the consultation process.

This involves:

  • An in-depth interview with the client to establish their needs, create understanding and establish an overall design philosophy for the space.
  • Proceeding into the garden to dissect and discuss design flow, special features / focal points, overall planting scheme, existing layout and upliftment of existing garden.
  • The design and style of the architecture on-site and interior décor is taken into account.
  • Agreeing on the emphasis of each 'room'.
  • Ascertaining hard landscaping / materials to be used.
  • Establishing the client's specific likes / dislikes / problem areas in their existing landscape.
  • Rough sketching of the envisaged re-design / upliftment of specific areas.

This initial contact generally requires approximately 2 hours and is comprehensive enough for the client to proceed with the design or re-design of their landscape. Additional time may be necessary to discuss the plant material and planting combinations that would be suitable to the landscape and area and this is obviously the client's choice.

Through consultations Jo-Anne is able to deliver on the spot design and expertise and create a tangible vision that the client is able to work with without the cost of a design plan and implementation through an external company. Should the client require a plan and installation, however, referrals to the most suitable professional for the job can be made.

In this consultative capacity, Jo-Anne offers the home owner expert on-site advice from a design perspective that takes into account their personal expectations and how they would like their landscape to unfold. All the while the client is in control of the information that they receive as well as duration of the consultation.


We would be delighted to consult with you at your convenience to share our expertise and provide advice on aspects of your garden. To make an appointment with Jo-Anne please contact Nikki on (031) 262 4654 / 082 447 4824.